Sunkissed the Label is a slow fashion brand that creates and designs handmade crochet fashion for the sunkissed soul.

We focus on sustainability, with a zero waste approach to production.

The designs at Sunkissed the Label are unique to the brand and all available in custom sizes and custom colours to create the perfect piece for everyone.

Sunkissed started in early 2020 as a way of expressing my creativity and bringing a little light and love to the new lockdown climate in Perth. I begun simply creating tops and smaller designs to share with friends and loved ones, but my creativity quickly outgrew this space and Sunkissed original designs were born.

We now sell a select and varied collection of pieces from tops and hats to intricate cardigans and even pants.

Sunkissed the Label started from a place of creative need and has grown into a space for me to create fashion the way I believe it should be: slowly, with intention, ethically, and with zero waste.



hello angels...

Welcome to this space,

A place where I'll be sharing a lil touch of magic, a creation born from love, pieces handmade to order and woven with love.

Handmade crochet clothing made with love, by me, Hannnah Marie on the west coast of Australia.

From writing magic to creating it, from the author of Sunkissed Soul, to the hands behind every piece that is created here at Sunkissed the Label. 

Here to spread a little love and fairy magic into this world. I hope to create pieces that light up your soul and make you feel so freakin good wearing them cause damn, you deserve to feel as beautiful as you look!! And my hope is, Sunkissed the Label will help you do this!

Welcome to Sunkissed the Label...

From my heart, to yours xx