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Big savings on Sunkissed the Label

FREE handmade crochet

Unique discount codes to share

No minimum follower count required

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Someone who is as passionate about sustainable, slow fashion as we are. Who appreciates the importance of handmade and understands our brands vision.

Support a small, local aussie brand and become part of the team!

Pop your name, instagram, email and what makes you the perfect person to join the team in the form to your right.

We're excited to hear from you!!

Thanks for submitting!


So, you're passionate about sustainable fashion and you want to support a slow fashion brand? You believe in the power of handmade and love crochet? Then we want to work with you!

If you are successfully selected to join our promoter program, we will work with you to create your perfect, custom Sunkissed the Label piece. Once you've received your garment (did I mention it's on the house!), you will be required to share your piece and our brand (with specific minimum post requirements in place) to your friends and followers! This can be in the form of reels, posts, stories, photoshoots, or any other creative goodness you can think of. Oh and the cherry on top? You will also receive a unqiue discount code to share with your followers and everytime that is used to place an order you will earn money off YOUR next purhcases!

That's how we spread the love <3 

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