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Slow Sundays - Introduction

Updated: May 27

Hey guys,

Welcome to Slow Sundays.

Slow Sundays is a video series I started over on our Instragram @sunkissed_thelabel but I thought it deserved a special place on our website as it truly gets to the core of our values, missions and what is important to us here at Sunkissed the Label. I wanted to create a space where these chats can become more of a discussion as the comment section is open to YOU, for your thoughts, opinions, advice or anything else you wish to share.

Slow Sundays is a series where we will talk about slow fashion and what exactly that means for us here at Sunkissed the Label. We will cover topics such as sustainability in fashion, ethcial manufacturing, mindful consumption and zero waste.

Firstly, I wanted to introduce myself and my brand. My name is Hannah and I am from the beautiful west coast of Australia, currently based on the east coast in Newcastle, New South Wales.

I am the proud mumma to my brand, Sunkissed the Label. A small, sustainable fashion brand that produces 100% made by hand, crochet fashion using natural fibres.

In this series, I want to share with you guys the values we hold dear at Sunkissed the Label and that make us up as a brand. We will discuss why slow fashion is so important; how we implement slow fashion principals; ways that you can consume more mindfully; and anything and everything else in between. This is a place to share the things I am passionate about and share tips and tricks and perhaps even teach you a little something.

I am so grateful to have you join this journey with me. Just by being here, reading this, YOU are part of the slow fashion revolution!

Keep an eye on this space for new posts or follow us on Instagram to see this content first!

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If you have any questions or something you'd like us to talk about in another Slow Sunday, please reach out, I'd love to chat!

Love from,

Sunkissed the Label x

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