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What is Slow Fashion?

Hey there,

Thankyou for joining me for another post in our Slow Sunday series.

A series where we sit down to discuss everything slow and a sustainable fashion and what that means for our brand- Sunkissed the Label.

Now you might have heard the term 'slow fashion', but do you know what it actually means? Do you know why it is SO important?

Let me explain...

Slow fashion is an ethcial and sustainable approach to producing and buying clothing.

It is that simple!

There is so much that falls under the umbrella of 'slow fashion', it can often feel overwhelming. But that's why we're here! I want to help make slow fashion the norm. Strip the term down to it's core and help you to have a clearer understanding of what it is and how you can support it.

Slow fashion rejects the harmful principles of the fast fashion industry and directly opposes the trend based, disposable fashion crisis we are seeing within the fashion industry.

Slow fashion focuses on promoting a transparent supply chain that repects both the environment and people.

Over the years, a movement has developed. One that stands up for garment workers, advocates for the planet, and preaches the importance of mindful consumption for both people and the planet.

The goal of the slow fashion movement is to revert back to fashion buying habits before the fast fashion crisis. To advocate for mindful consumption; buying and producing clothing that is an investment and is made to last.

Crochet is a perfect example of a tool we can use to partake in the slow fashion movement. Crochet is an artform only able to be crafted by hand. A production process that takes time and a whole lot of care. This means that every crochet garment is carefully made by hand in a slow and thoughtful process. This is the opitomy of slow fashion.

Our pieces here at Sunkissed the Label respect this process and everything is made by hand here in Newcastle or by talented artisans we work closely along side in Vietnam. We only produce in small, demand driven batches or made-to-order, reducing waste and unneccesary production and furthermore tying into that slow fashion philosophy.

By shopping slow fashion brands like ours, you know you are doing your part to reduce your consumption and reject fast fashion, helping to create a more sustainable future together.

I hope this has given you a greater understanding of what exactly slow fashion is. Even more so, I hope it has sparked something within you to consciously become part of a movement that is making waves in the fashion industry for both our planet and the people.

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Love from,

Sunkissed the Label x

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