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Ways that YOU Can Shop More Sustainably

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Hello my slow fashion friends,

Today I want to share with you 5 ways YOU can shop more mindfully.

Mindful consumption is a huge part of slow fashion. It means that we are aware of where we are spending our money and what we are choosing to invest our dollar in. Knowing where your clothes are coming from, who makes them, and what they’re made of is a key aspect of ensuring that you are shopping sustainably.

Here, at Sunkissed the Label, we pride ourselves on our transparent supply chain. Hand making all of our crochet garments here in Newcastle or along side talented women we work closely with in Vietnam. We are open about where and who is making your clothes, and this allows you to shop our brand knowing you are doing so mindfully and sustainably.

Today I wanted to briefly share with you 5 ways that you can implement this mindset into your shopping habits.

1. Op Shops

Op shops are, of course, a great place to find hidden treasures and give clothes another life. When shopping from op shops or vintage stores, it is important to still keep in mind your consumption habits. Often, as prices are cheap and vibes are high, you can get carried away and take home a whole lot more than you need. Whilst this is still better than supporting fast fashion brands, we need to stay mindful of how much we actually need. Leave some for other people and only take what you will actually wear.

2. Clothes Swaps

Another thing you can do to more consciously fill your closet is to organise a clothes swap day with your friends or find ones in your area. Bring all those pieces from your wardrobe you might not love as much as you used to and find new pieces to swap from other peoples pre loved goodies. A great place to start to find local clothes swaps is on Facebook! Have a little look at what is happening in your area or create your own event and share it to your community page.

3. Markets

Makers markets and pre-loved markets (like car boot sales) are also a great place to snatch up a bargain, give clothing a second life and maybe even find a local designer or maker whose pieces are unique, special and, most importantly, sustainable, as you get to know where your new piece is coming from!!

4. Small Businesses

Of course, another great place to shop is with local, small businesses. Slow fashion brands, like Sunkissed the Label, are a great way to not only support your local fashion industry but you also have piece of mind knowing you are shopping consciously and sustainably.

5. Check the Ethical Rating

Last, but certainly not least, before shopping any new store or brand, check out their ethical rating. Check their website, reviews, and other external resources. A great resource to use is the Good On You Ethical Rating Directory. Good On You have done the hard work for you and have compiled a directory of hundreds of brands and rated them on their ethics, sustainability efforts and transparency.

These are just 5 ways that YOU can consume more mindfully and incorporate sustainability into your fashion shopping habits.

Are there any ways that you like to shop more mindfully that we haven't mentioned? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!

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Love from,

Sunkissed the Label x

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